Thursday, December 29, 2005

Trash Heap Bike

I rescued this white Peugeot hybrid from a snowdrift a few weeks ago.

I really just wanted the handlebars for the Porn shop hybrid, but I realized the whole bike was there including fully functional brakes. So now it's parked in the Assbike workshop awaiting reincarnation.

So far I've added that seatpost ($18). As mentioned before the Biopace rings make it pretty much unworkable as a fixed and making it a single requires some sort of device to take up the chainslack (like this), and buying one would go against the Assbike ethos. So I had the enviable job of going through the trash to find the rusty derailleur I'd tossed a week ago.

Changing topics: One accessory I highly recommend is this Ray-o-vac 15 minute battery charger. This thing is badass; when you plug this baby in it fires up like a 747, then in a few minutes your batteries are done, well done, and you pop 'em out nice and toasty. It's like an espresso maker that makes batteries. The charge lasts a days on my digital camera which eats up regular ass-Duracells in a few hours. If you have a digital camera you need one of these.



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