Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let's get Raytarded

Pretty much the only thing I can watch on TV other than Mad Money and the occasional sport is the food channel (aka food porn).

I never figured the one food channel chef that would make it big would be the "Raytard"; Rachael Ray. She has her own Martha-style show now.

Before commercial a housewife-type (ie. a regular viewer like you) comes on and gives you a raytarded tip. Like this one : Wash your lettuce in the washing machine. Uhh...

Bacteria, Viruses Lurk in Washing Machine.

....recent study, of 50 homes in Tucson and 50 others in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area, has found that coliform bacteria, an indicator of unsanitary conditions, including the presence of diarrhea-causing E-coli, abound in many washing machines. Some linger even a load after you've washed your underwear, he says. "They originate in feces,...

OHHHH Yummm !! I'll pass on the salad when I'm at your place.

This inspired me to make this Warhol-lookin' knock-off

You go girl!

PS. Oh yeah, by the way. I wash my shower curtain in bleach in my washing machine every couple weeks -- just to make sure I'm not getting someone's poo-molecules all over my clothes.


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