Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bad TV

The weirdest and definately creepiest infomercial on TV is for the this colon cleaner - Dual Action Cleanse. See a clip here

You would think that a product that claims to make you look and feel better would have a spokesman that looked good or at least healthy.

The pitchman is this oily weasel-looking guy with bad skin and a skinny moustache. I'd feel uncomfortable buying a stereo from this mook, let alone an anus cleaner.

He just has that look that says "I may have a hard drive full of kiddie porn".

He expounds on the wonders of clean colon to two incredulous old farts. The old witch and her sequin blouse creeps me out too.

Another other show that makes me ill is "House of Carters" aka "Meet the Uglies". Apparently they've osilate the gene for stringy hair and pasty skin and put it on MTV.

In 2000 Nick Carter was one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People. But six years of hitting the ugly sauce has left him bloated and pasty. Love handles and cheesy tattoos. I was a surprised to read that he's 26, he looks ten years older.

And little bro Aaron grew up to be a squeegee kid. He suposedly dated Lindsey Lohan, but now he looks like too dirty to live under an overpass and his face is a full blown dermatological crisis.

I thought the point of TV was to set unattainable ideals and aspriational models, not make you lose your appetite.

Update: Oh shit there's more info on the dude (Klee Irwin) and his Dual Action Cleanse here.

And also I'm not the only one that made the comparison between Klee Irwin and John Waters


Blogger Lisa said...

wow, that colon guy! I remember hearing him on the radio when I was in the car with my dad in like 1990 and we thought it was freaky that I've seen him live...yerrrgh.

12:03 AM  

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