Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wed. Night Ride.

The awesome winter weather of '07 continues : 2007 to be warmest on record.

But, yukk it up while you can chumps, as always Mother Nature will have the last laugh when your summertime picnic and softball games are hit with gale force winds and class-4 thunderstorms.

It's seems like a waste to let a nice day pass, so thanks to day after day of warm days I'm on the verge of exhaustion from all the riding I've been getting in.

Tonight I headed to the CNE even though I was still recovering from some hard rides over the last couple days and the holidays (I think I'm the only person that lost weight over the holdays).

After a warm-up I did a four lap interval, where I go as hard as I can without actually throwing up. It's only about 10 km, but it takes it's toll.

I spun a few listless laps after that, but because of creeping ADD I cannot ride by myself for more than an hour in the CNE. Just as made the decsion to head home my buddy Fernando showed up. He always rides until 9:00. I never want to be the one that initiates the end of the ride, so I always stay as long as he does. Now my ticket is stamped 'til 9:00. Fine, we mix it up a bit, but also go easy, 2 more hrs like that? No problem.

But... more showed up. Six or seven, including, Marshall, 80's-Mark and Peter, and whenever more people are involved restraint goes out the window. It wasn't a hammerfest, but it fast enough that I was burning more gas than I had in my tank. I knew I was headed for a bonk. I didn't have food, figuring a short or easy ride. But, like Miles from Risky Business I just said "What the fuck!".

When we finally eased off at around 8:45 I was lightheaded and having trouble staying upright. My arms and legs were numb. I picked up a V8 and bagels at the corner store, but it took me forver to fish for coins I was shaking so bad.

After a shower I was shivering so bad, I layered on the clothes and had a bagel, some cookies and a coke before crawling to bed at 10:00. In that state I couldn't handle anything more.



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