Thursday, December 28, 2006

Five Tunes of 2006

Okaay, the last post was the best of 1990, so now here's five of my fave songs from 2006.

Ghostface Killah - The Champ (4:09)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena (4:10)

Everyone hate Lady Sovereign, that just makes me like her more ....

Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate me (3:40)

The lyrics of this song are soo juvenile, like they're written by a 12 yr old. but still ....

CSS - Art Bitch (3:09)

I always liked Nellie McKay - a smark-alek New Yorker - her new album doesn't have the cuteness of her first, but here she is, at least as a change of pace from the first four on this list.

Nellie McKay - There you are in Me (2:47)



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