Saturday, December 09, 2006

Assbike Tip #5

Use bridges to avoid hills.

The key to Assbiking is to not look like you just biked across town like a madman when you show up.

If you pick your route well you can avoid some hills and instead of huffing and puffing into your meeting you will stroll in all chill, like you were just next door having a coffee.

Here are two routes from near my place at Bathurst & Dupont to Don Mills & Eglinton.

Route I Details

Route II Details

Route 1 is the more "obvious" route: St. Clair to Mt. Pleasant and along Eglinton. 10.6 km but with a ton of hills along the way. Route 2 is longer at 11.6 km but despite what the elevation profiles from Bikely say the ride is almost dead flat.

Bloor Street, the Viaduct and the Leaside Bridge take you over the valleys, so you can cruise on uptown without breaking a sweat.



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