Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Assbike Tip #4

The key to efective assbiking is that you don't stop.

You may not go fast, but you are always, continously, inexorably, working towards your destination.

The messenger's hook keeps you rolling through intersections without putting a foot down.

Sadly (and inevitably) the hole in the Tequila Sunrise Marinoni did turn out to be a structual defect :

Cracks are radiating out from the original hole. I am loving this bike, so I will get it fixed. I'll ride it until the weekend, but I doubt I can keep putting it off any longer.

Reproducing the original colours probably won't be possible (ie. affordable by me), so it will probably end up with a monochrome paintjob.



Blogger Lisa said...

that's awesome but i'm too chicken to attempt that on my assbike.

1:55 AM  

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