Thursday, October 26, 2006

The other IFOA

That's right. Assbike Magazine brings you the 2006 The International Festival Of Assholes. Here's our line-up.

David Cross. This is one funny mofoe. You know him as Dr. Tobias Fumke, but he is one all round funny asshole. Check out his albums ("It's Not Funny" and "Shut Up You Fucking Baby") and his stand up on tha You Tube.

Next up. Bill Maher. Real Time is the highlight of my week -- seriously. No ass kiss. No Guilty liberalism. Every Friday night Maher brings it.

Then there's all around shit disturber, troll and enfant terrible. Theo van Gogh. The islams killed him.

Oddly enough his killer looks kinda like David Cross.

....and finally the Assbike song for the the weekend. The Damned with Ballroom Blitz(3:30)


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