Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Tube Roundup

This is where I'm riding most days now. I have a pretty good setup, with tunes and videos on the screen and a fan to keep me cool. My trick is to put on a cycling vid with the sound a bit low and then tunes on top of that. But still it it ain't the real thing. Not even close.

That's why I like this donut ride video. It's not much, but it reminds me of spring and summer days days, the best days (like 3 mins.).

I love this little clip too. The spectacle of a bike race is like nothing else. 100+ riders all gong for the line (30 secs.)

....and some Assbike music to keep you going. "Electric Sweat", by the Mooney Suzuki (4 mins.).

Get ready ! Get Set ! What you get is Electric Sweat !


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