Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting there is all the fun

I spent almost a month sans assbike, since I had to retire the rapidly failing Tequila Sunrise Marinoni, but really it took only a few minutes to move the parts to the porn shop hybrid.

I love booting around on a snowy day. It's so fun I don't even feel wet or cold. The fun thing about riding a fixe, especially in the snow are the mind bending tricks you can do. Like Skidding ... which becomes really easy in the snow.

I've also been trying to learn to ride backwards (like the dude below). I still haven't figured it out yet.

Last night I assbiked down to Nathan Phillips Square, there was also some odd Cirque de Soleil type act and I picked up a pulled pork sandwich at one of the food vendors.

But the reason I went was to check out Sloan :

Sloan is a garage band at heart, but garage music never gets the credit it's due, when everyone is hyping the newest Brazillian Reggaeton or whatever. When the Vox AC30 amp was introduced in 1959 every piece was in place for all of music for all of eternity.

I can't get enough of that catchy lo-fi sound. Of all the music John Peel heard and played "Teenage Kicks" is known as his favorite song. The Beatles were a garage band. There's your testimonial there.

Here's two proto garage songs for yr dining and dancing pleasure.

? and the Mysterians with perhaps the first ever garage-rock song from 1962:

96 Tears (3:00)

and Gang of Four with

Natural's Not In It (3:07).

Ancestor to all the jerkey choppy art-school rockers like Talking Heads and Franz Ferdinand.

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