Saturday, December 03, 2005

Asscheap Cupholder

One generally over-rated west-coast boutique builder sells a way over priced cupholder.

Assbikin' just aint't fun when you have to balance yr cuppa or you have to pay more for your cupholder than you did from yr entire Assride.

The Assbike Magazine solution:

3-inch hose clamp
1 1/16-inch (26.9mm) hose clamp
(for my 26.4 mm Cinelli bars)

1 Roll Cat-eye Cotton tape.

Figuring out how this shit goes together isn't exactly rocket-science.

(Optional) Use the tape to cover up the metal and make it soft.


PS. I dig cateye cotton tape. I'm surprised you can still get this holdover from the 70s.

Gives a cool retro touch to any drop bar bike, it's sold by the single roll and it's cheap.



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