Thursday, February 01, 2007

Prince at the Superbowl

This is one year I'm not going to miss the half-time show. Usually you're expecting John Mellencamp, Taylor Hicks or some other mangina, but this year's Superbowl halftime act is none other than the Ego formerly known as Prince. How many pre-teen minds will be twisted forver ?

Here's a picture of Peyton Manning. Check out his HEAD! His face is like a Mack Truck !

By now everyone's seen this ....

I wasn't that impressed at first, not after seeing the scintillating dance moves in Solla. But Golimar! the song has totally won me over. The Krautrock synths! The bellowing vocal delivery ! Is there a name for this !?? Electroclash ?? Reggaeton ??

Whatever it is, I love it. And when it comes to moves, this Indian does BRING IT ! Way cooler than the nard from "Heroes".



Blogger Lisa said...

you know, I never really got Prince appeal till I saw the Charlie Murphey account of playing basketball with Prince on Dave Chappelle. Now every time I hear his name, I'm like, "oohhh...shirts vs blouses."

Also: mangina!! Haha...that merits a LOL.

3:29 AM  

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