Sunday, May 06, 2007

Assbike Tip: Never Ride into a Headwind !

On Sautrday I decided to do a solo ride and headed north on Keele Street to King city and then back. I decided to head north because there was a strong wind from the North, so it was tough going, but when I tured around I flew back into the city (this is better than fighting into the wind when you're tried and want to go home).

But, I realized if you ride a triangular circuit, you never have to head right into the wind.

With a triangular circuit you can ride it so that the wind is at your back on one of the legs. One the other legs you will have at least a partial crosswind.

For example in the pic below (where the wind is from the west) you could ride the circuit clockwise. This would also work if the wind was from the north or from southeast.

This is the same tactic that sailboats use - since a sailboat cannot go into the wind.

This can be kind of hard to do in practice though since most roads run parallel to each other, but one exception is Weston Rd./Albion Rd./Gore Rd. Which I tried out today.



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