Saturday, February 17, 2007

Best Tech Blog

I'm pretty cool when it comes to software, (since it's usually free), but I'm totally out of touch with hardware. Makes sense, I never have the scrilla to cop a jack. But NiggaKnow is a hilarious and cynical tech blog.

Hilarious excerpt:

Some white motherfucker, probably buying stocks at the time, gets clobbed by a motherfucking firetruck and now I can't use my motherfucking hands-free to make it clear to a few bitches just how little child support they gonna get? That's some bullshit for real. Just because white people don't got that sideways Pele vision don't mean I can't dodge a whip and handle a jack.


Blogger Alex said...

Jiggaboo Jones the #1 Nigga in America

1:20 AM  

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