Saturday, February 03, 2007

Guitar and Deep freeze

For some reason I picked up the guitar again after a few years. I had stagnated and got bored playing the same tunes over and over. I think wandering into Paul's Boutique (in Kensington) got me in the mood to fix up my guitar and look up some guitar tips and ideas on the ole internet. Not so that I could finally be a rock star, but just to get out of a mental rut.

There's tons of guitar resources on the internet, but the most prolific is YouTube. There's something about the personality of a person that woud play electric guitar. Maybe it's vanity, or need for attention, the "look-at-me kid". That's where YouTube comes in. On YouTube there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of videos posted by guys of themselves playing guitar; mostly young guys playing metal solos (aka. "shredding"), some older dudes too. But Thousands!. ...But no girls.

That, ladies and gentlemen is the difference between boys and girls.

So we finally got hit with the deep freeze. But at least every warm day we had in January was one less we had to live though. Try and stay warm...four more weeks until March!


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