Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Impending Doom...and a week of hell

Almost two weeks ago, Tuesday Night I felt the impending doom. A cold or something coming on - hard. My first instinct was to try to self medicate, so I went down to Mayday's and knocked back a few Rickard's and a chicken sandwich.

I'd been pretty lucky, not getting sick except for a day at a time or so in the last two years, so I figured I had this shit figured out. But, it didn't work this time.

The next morning I woke up with a KILLER headache. It felt like a brain aneurysm. It was so bad I could barely open my eyes. I was even in too much pain to try to sleep through it. I almost never take medication because it always seemed like it never did anything, but I finally broke out the Advil and Neo-Citran. In addition I was super-dehydrated. I drank and drank and drank a ton on water but it wasn't helping. So whhat was happening to all that water ? Well, when I sat on the can I found out.

It must've been the flu, seeing how bad my stomach was. I barely ate for two weeks, I couldn't even bear the thought of a coffee or beer.

On the upside, I lost a bunch of weight to kick off bikin' season. This was useful since we were still in the middle of a six week deep freeze. I also saved a lot of money, since I believe in eating quality food, and usually a lot of it.

Finally last Thursday I felt well enough to go for a ride. That flu totally sapped me, but I'm getting my strength back. I have 20 hours of pedal pushing in the last week -- trying to play catch up.


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