Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Assbike Project: Sweat Equity

I found this bike in the trash basically.

Nothing special, some 70s era Japanese bike which didn't seem to have had a lot of use, but had been neglected for a long time. But it looked like a good fixie candidate. It stripped down easily, and most of frame fittings were clamped on (not brazed on) so the result was a pretty clean bike.

It has a nice headtube medallion, but really this bike has no intrinsic value, but I think as a fixie I can flip it for $150 or more on Craigslist.

Here's the result, total expense $16 for a chain ($8) and to have the bike shop remove the cogs and replace it with a cog I had on another wheel ($8).

The ride is really quiet and smooth with the fat tires and all.

I will clean it up a bit and maybe make a few small changes before flipping to some hipster .... stay tuned.



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