Friday, January 06, 2006

Spinning class

Okay a quick update: Wed. night I went out for 2 hrs on the fixed gear hybrid. Since you can't coast it's like spinning class, except it doesn't cost $10 an hour and there is the real danger of getting flattened by an SUV or wiping out on streetcar tracks. Oh yeah it was pouring rain, but it was warm (like +5C), if winter stays like that I can handle it.

Spinning the fixie for 2hrs+ isn't taxing (38x15 gear), so it remains to be seen if this has any sort of fitness payoff (doubtful). Hopefully there's a time/intensity trade-off here, even if it's easy you're still pushin' the whole time.

Yearly total: 4hrs.

Thursday I did jack, well I rode to Canadian Tire to buy a clock radio and then had an Americano at Jet Fuel.


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