Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Corporate Mofo

Okay, I finally decided that no matter what happens with my PhD I have to move on to the next step -- ie. get a job.

And it def. won't be a physics job. Academia is fine if you're a prof. But, fuckers who work their entire lives for $50k a year at universities making plots and coding up boolsha are fools. Real jobs will pay you way more to do the same shit and you get to wear a tie.

One thing I am worried about is having to work hard and/or long hours. Grad school makes you a lazy fuck, and I dread having to do shit like use Excel and fill out TPS reports.

I did google "quant sellout" and found this though: Leveraged Sellout.

And oh yeah. I never really want anything, but I love the colour of a silver Mercedes.


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