Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heat Advisory = Bike Ride!

If you bike a lot you have three overriding concerns : food, fatigue and laundry. That's mainly what I've been up to the last few weeks.

I did rides Sat. and Sun. in 35 degree heat, because, What better way to celebrate a heat wave than with a bike ride ? Usually I can tough it out in the heat, but Sun. I really was too hot. To top it off I had a flat (which I fixed) and but then another slow leak -- becaus ethe tire was fucked -- luckily i was riding in Scarbourough and the Sheppard subway was just a short bus ride away.

I didn't realize the toll four hot days in a row took .... until yesterday, I went out with a buddy and had nothing. It was easily the worst ride of the year. I had to just crawl, I can't explain it. Looking back it must've been dehydration. Or lack of vitamin C.

It's not enough to drink water, my secret is to add a bit of salt to it, which I've been forgetting.

My solution : Lemonade with salt. Apparently the recipe for Margaritas was no accident.

I remember a day last year whe I discovered this. I didn't sleep all night, and went to the Vesta Lunch at like 5 am, had French Toast with syrup, then added salt to my water bottles and went on the ride.

I felt nauseated and thirsty from drinking seawater, but I was I was pulling like a freight train, riding like I was trying to rip my bike in half and climbing up hills like a spider monkey.

Sure I was ready to kill for a sip of cold plain water, but the salt (and syrup ?) did the trick.


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