Friday, July 07, 2006

Assbike Drink ?

I found out about a drink called a Radler; which literaly means cyclist in German.

According to the Wikipedia entry:
A Radler is an alcoholic beverage consisting of equal parts of lager beer and lemonade. ... Radler was invented by the Munich gastronomer Franz Xaver Kugler when in September 1922 approximately 13,000 cyclists visited his tavern. On this particular day his beer started to run out, so he mixed the remaining beer with lemonade and pretended he created the Radler especially for the cyclists so that they could drive home without the risk of falling off their bicycles.

The one I'm having now is equal parts Molson Export and Snapple Lemonade. The effect is pretty similar to a weisse beer with a slice of lemon. I don't generaly go for sweet drinks, but this is pretty good.

In other news, graduation feels as far away as ever, somehow I need to get my mojo back and get some work done before the fall rolls around. Fuck how time flies.


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