Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Art School Confidential

I finally got around to seeing Art School confidential when I happened to see the poster while I was assbiking around downtown (that's also when I took that pic of the side of the Senator).

The flick had it's moments, but was a bit of a disappointment if you were a fan of Ghost World. I'd say it's a cross between a generic school setting (like PCU or Freak and Geeks) and Great Expectations (or John Waters' Pecker); ie. not too original.

And of course the whole thing is ruined by the main characeter's obsession with a totally lame-o girl (G A Y).

Attention Indie-Filmaker Nerds: Having a girlfriend/boyfriend is not the most important thing in the World.

And of course the waay overrated John Malkovitch -- being John Malkovitch. I don't hate him or anything, but everyone kinda assumes it is mandatory to worship him.

The best character was the "mega successful artist"/full-fledged-asshole Marvin Bushmiller.

But afterwards I was inspired to create my own art. A few weeks ago I discovered how oversaturating the colours made a generic pic look all weird:

The pic on the right is the same as the pic on the left except I:
-cranked up the color saturation
-cranked up the contrast
-turned up the brightness and turned down the gamma to compensate

The schtick is: if your picture looks unatural people will be fooled into thinking it's "good".

But making my last post I also discovered the appeal of grafting pics together. I took these pics of break dancers at Yonge-Dundas.


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blogger's been flakier than a trip to the portuguese bakery. the colors on the last two pics are fucked up.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Amit said...

...okay it's fixed

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