Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am photographe

I'm still waiting to see my pics in the Physics Photo Contest, but it keeps getting delayed, maybe because I'm the only one that entered.

I've been taking a lot of (mostly crappy) pictures, and instead of deleting them, I came up with a new art form. I start with some random picture (more random the better), turn it into greyscale (hides all the fucked up colours) and blur it up a bit, so it looks kinda dreamy and shit (also hides ass photo taking skills) and then write some cynical phrase over it in a hip font like Century Gothic or Gill Sans.

So here's my portfolio, don't be shocked if you see these in some coffeeshop somewhere.

I'm sure I'll be designing Imogen Heap album covers six months from now.

Modern art! I love it!



Blogger Lisa said...

nice... I am all about the grayscaling-to-make-it-look-less-ass techinique with my photos, but it hadn't occurred to me to add obscure text yet. Good call.

9:45 AM  

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