Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Assbike Cup

I'm at home and someone outside my window is chilling in their Kustom van, sitting inside with the doors open. I took the pick through the screen window, because I wasn't bold enough to walk outside and take a pic while I was watched.

Chillin' in your Kustom van, what a throwback -- I think. The weird thing about popculture is it makes you nostalgic for things you never actually experienced or were never into in the first place, like Kool-Aid and roller disco. Or chillin' in a Kustom Van.

So, the World Cup is coming up and it will prove to be absolutely fatal for getting any work done, esp. as most games will be on TV during work hours. So for dirtbag hackademics who only ever work between coffee breaks and web-surfing this means midday drinking with a bar full or international students and a splitting headache by 2 pm.

One big thing that's going ot be missing though is Pierluigi Collina, the guy who was known as the best referee ever, since he retired last year. The games might be boring or slow, and you might not know dickall about soccer, so catching those glimpses of Collina would be the best part of the game. Anyways the festivities get underway on June 9th.

The International Hair Conference has always been the sideshow attraction at the World Cup, and in 2002 David Beckham unveiled the faux-hawk and Ronaldo came up with this number. You can check'em all out at World Cup Haircuts (Collina is an embarrasing absence from the gallery). So the world waits ... who will win the Best Hair Prize in 2006 ?


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