Friday, May 12, 2006

More Art School

Here's some more of my humble art. I added "twirl" to my palette, in addition to greyscale and blur. The result is pleasantly nauseating:

Something else I discovered I could do with my lousy pics is to crank up the saturation and then turn up the contrast so it looks like a poster or painting or something :

It was a technically poor photograph, Now it's art!

Talking about art, I can't wait to see Art School Confidential.

There aren't too many movies I feel I can re-watch, but Ghost World was one of them, so I'm glad that the writer and director of Ghost World (Dan Clowes and Terry Zwigoff respectively) decided to get back to together for another movie.

Ghost World of course had that great Bollywood song over the opening credits, and now thanks to the awesome You Tube I can watch the original clip it was from (Jaan Pehechan Ho by Mohd. Rafi length: 5:30).

You Tube is the shit. There was Google, and then there was IMDB, 2005 was all about Wikipedia for me, and 2006 is all You Tube and Google Video.

There is so much great stuff on You Tube, I've been watching clips for hours. Stuff I thought I'd never see. Like this awesome theremin demonstration by Jon Spencer :



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