Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today I went to see the Buzzcocks at Phoenix and when I came out (8:30 -- it was still light out), my Pinnarello was gone! No sign of the lock or anything.

I knew this could happen one day -- this is the whole idea behind the Assbike but I was cavalier and I paid for it.

My mistakes:

-Downtown East of Yonge is waay seedier than the west part, and that part of town is full of lowlifes. I considered taking the shittier bike, but it is not as nice to ride.

-I usually lock my bike outside a bar or something even if I'm going to a movie or show. It gives the impression that the owner could be watching it or be back any second. Instead I was lazy and just locked it outside the concert hall.

I bought that bike when Pinnarello was just another Italian brand, but since then, it's become like the Armani of bikes, and I've had random people complimenting it or begging to buy it.

I wasn't too attached to it, I would sell it for the right price anyday. It hurts because I knew I could always sell it for a quick $400 if I needed to, but hey, that's the price to pay to be able to ride a not-totally-ass bike around town.


Blogger Lisa said...

dude, that really sucks. my condolences.

9:30 AM  

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