Monday, June 19, 2006


I saw this sign on the ground on my way home today. Found art ! Profound!

Last night I decided to go for an Assbike ride around town and check out a few places.

No better way to chill out than a death defying ride through the darkness on a bike with no brakes.

I am missing my stolen Pinnarello tho'. It was fast and easy to ride.

I saw some fixies outside the Rhino bar in Parkdale where some messenger-types were drinking and became jealous and have started making plans to replace the Pinn with a another snappy fixed gear bike.

On the way home I spotted my friend Kalen's bike outside Grossman's and stopped to have a drink with him. This on the left is the city's most disgusting vending machine -- in the can at Grossman's -- I think I caught a disease just looking at it.

For today's dose of cuteness here's Greta with her arms around Isbel :

And here's today's Assbike Song. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- Flavor :::

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