Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This morning when I was leaving my place I heard these cries, I freaked a little, because it sounded like a baby or something. I found this little guy in our backyard -- all scrawy and dirty and crying or something. I wasn't really sure what to do. I gave it half a can of tuna and he gobbled it down. I don't think it's a stray since was pretty friendly and wasn't afraid of me.

It ran off, after the meal, but I'm pretty sure it's someone's lost kitten. I posted it on craigslist, but I wasn't sure what else to do.

I don't usually bitch about the conditions for bike riders, since I ride wherever I want and scoff at the Highway Traffic Act anyways, but this is the bike lane on Davenport. The shoulder and bike lane are totally occupied by these trailers and the bike lanes are plyoned off.

What remains of the lane is too narrow for a car to pass a bike. So if you ride along Davenport east of Avenue Rd. you have to ride right in the lane and put up with honking drivers or getting buzzed every 20 seconds.

You would never see a situation where a driver was put into a position that was as dangerous or inconvenient. Riding on the sidewalk is the only safe solution for a lotr of riders in this case. So much for Bike Week.

Oh yeah, the pic at the top of this post is the Queen St. Home for the Terminally Hip, right in hipster hollow, across from the Drake.

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Anonymous lisa said...

1. awwww!

2. urggh! trailers make me mad.

2:31 PM  
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