Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where to go out

Last night I went out to Sneak's for Tues. Night fajitas, with the DJA, it will be his last trip to the "unspeakable" for while since he's relocationg to Israel. Kind of a shitty time since Lebanese rockets are also relocating there.

As usual we were faced with the same problem we always face tying to think of a place to eat/drink. It boils down to a fundamental choice between two alternatives.

"The Homefield Advantage" or "Change of Scenery"

We tried to try out some new places, but almost all of them were closed. Places were either closing up early or they were just totally gone.

Walking around TO on a typical night it seems a lot of bars are open but empty. I think we're gonna see a lot of places close down after this summer.

My theory : Places to go out out in TO have a simple life cycle :

1. seedy/scary/dirty. These are places/areas you would never go to, or feel totally uneasy being in or near.

2. hip This is when some cool cats take over a formerly dicey place, now you don't have to feel so scared.

3. popular It's still good, but you can't get a friggen seat anymore.

4. lame/ass The place looks like a KoRn concert now, all tubby dudes with goatees. Lowbrows from places like Hamilton or Waterloo hang out here when they come to the city.

A "new" place I did check out is the Rhino, in Parkdale. I think it's a refurbished dive. Good food and beer and cheap prices, but it was mostly empty the times I was there. We'll see how this develops.



Anonymous lisa said...

Have you been to the Gem (davenport * ossie)? It's totally in phase 2, soon to enter phase 3. Packed with hipsters on a sunny monday night.

12:41 AM  
Blogger Amit said...

No, but I go to the Portuguese bakery next to it.

What drew me to the Rhino was a bunch of cool track bikes parked outside.

You can totally tell if a place is cool by the number of assbikes parked out front.

1:08 AM  
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