Friday, September 08, 2006

Assbike Tip #2

Combine Assbiking with Transit

I always try to have a TTC ticket in my wallet because you never know when your assbiking plans will be derailed by flat, or rain (if assbiking has one enemy it's rain). This way I can hop on the train when it's convenient, but still avoid waiting for a bus or streetcar if I can bike it.

The transit doesn't give a rats about assbikers, but it IS designed to be negotiable by mom's with strollers. Anywhere strollers can go, bikes can go.

Don't lift your bike over the turnstiles or lug it up the stairs like a douche. Every subway stop has a gate you can lift and walk through, and a lot have automatic gates for wheelchairs that you can use as well. Every stop also has an elevator to the platform.

Also some buses have bike racks on the front (like the Bathurst line) which can be handy.



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