Friday, August 17, 2007

Superbad: The New Yorker Review

What to do with that English degree ?

The New Yorker has an delightfully unironic high-brow review of Superbad. Some of the best excerpts :

The movie still displays vestiges of infantile glee, but, after much revision and some obvious guidance, the structure and a lot of the dialogue have become ripely Apatovian.

Fogell, a primal nerd with a needle nose and a voice like a vibrating thistle, procures a fake I.D., which identifies him simply as McLovin, a Hawaiian organ donor. As McLovin, ... Meanwhile, Evan and Seth fall in with some pugnacious lowlifes having their own party.

A kind of exuberant art show follows, with page after page covering school desks—simple line drawings of magnificent organs and phallicized trees, artillery, and towers. The sequence is hilarious and charming—a child’s garden of verses for our time.


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