Friday, February 01, 2008

Cure for the Cold

These pics are from Stranger Than Paradise, which is a great movie and reminds me of Canadian movies from the Seventies. But that's wat it looked like outside today.

But here is how you avoid feeling cold in the winter: Apparently sled dogs love it when it's cold because they can run harder. I learned this from Top Gear, while watching the Arctic special, and they show these dogs that sleep outside in the Arctic night and they're smiling and everything all the time.

I'd been going out almost every night to ride for an hour or so, usually pretty hard. So when we had a few days back in December which were getting pretty cold, like -5 and -10, I went out and rode hard. I left the house and went as hard as a could maintain for the hour or so, -5, -10 whatever, not stopping until I got home. As long as you're generating heat you're okay. If you stop too long, or worse become exhausted -- you're fucked, but an hour isn't a problem for me. Once you've had a couple of those, walking around in -6 is no thang.

Oh, and here's the song the Hungarian girl from "Stranger Than Paradise" kept playing - Screamin' Jay Hawkins. According to Wikipedia he has 55...or 75 children.



Blogger Lisa said...

that's ...actually really cool. In undergrad I had a roommate from Minnesota who had grown up doing all kinds of sports in the ass-cold, so when it was totally frigid in Indiana and everyone was bumbling around in parkas, she would wear, like, a sweatshirt and mittens.

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