Saturday, January 21, 2006

Election Day and Assbike Song

I got my vote on this week AND got a job working for Elections Canada on election day, June 23rd. Remember it's not to late if you want to vote, and I'lla take this opp to get some things cleared up:

-you don't need photo ID to vote

-you don't need to bring the voter card

-if you're on the voters list you don't need any ID at all

-if you're not on the voters list you need to register before voting, so you need to show something to tie together your name, address and signature. Driver's license would do it. Or an old license and a piece of mail.

-if you don't have that, someone on the voter's list can vouch for you, and you may vote.

That's noo shit. You can the right to vote simply based on someone else's word. Whad a country.

Polls are open from 9:30am to 9:30pm, so there's no reason to not get yr vote on. My poll will be at Bloor and Christie, right by this ol' tiger:

So if you're voting in Trinity Spadina I may see you.

Hopefully the warm winter of 2006 will continue -- global warming is the shit! I put in another 5 hrs the last two days.

Yearly total: 18 hrs.

And after a week's hiatus, Assbike Song is back. This week's tune is some Deetroit Philly Soul: I'm Coming Home by the Spinners (4.7 MB).



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