Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stuck at 13

If Assbikin' has an enemey it's rain. But rainy days never scare me, and I find I actually like shitty weather, so long as it's not cold. Everyone stays inside and I feel like I own the city. So for me it was a beautiful day. And these penguins didn't mind it either :

They live in an alley close to my place. I don't know how many other cities have this, but Toronto has a whole network of alleys which is like a subversive network of roads for subversive assbikers or an underground art-gallery -- except it's not that secret cos everyone know about it. Still it's cool.

But it is also the Assbiker's Ikea, stocking nifty crap for Your Complete Asslife. Today's specials were these snazzy blue chairs.

Seriously, is there any bigger joy than not paying a lot for something ? Talking about which. Around this time good food and drink is always on sale, like this wine:

Which is a perfect Asscheap pairing with some plantains -- 59 cents a pound.

Also, another Assbike deal of the week, this time one sweet blingin' blue number :

Raleigh Ladies Bike - $50

And oh yeah, work sucks, I can't bike, but I set up the trainer and got in an hour. So I'm stuck at 13 hrs. 87 to go ?


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