Saturday, February 18, 2006

Assbike Stranded

Oh yeah, this is the sign for a place on Bloor:

And it was appropriate for today. I rode my fixie to Value Village and when I tired to unlock the bike the key just twisted and broke! I think the lock was jamming with all the coldness.

So I had to get a dude to come over from Cyclepath to grind the lock off, not to mention the hassle I had to go through to be able to run an extension cord out the store to where my bike was locked. $30 for the pleasure.

Goddamn! Cutting the lock itself took about 30 seconds, but the whole ordeal killed a good 2 hrs; and the kicker was there wasn't anything worthwhile at the store. I did however get a classic handlebar at Cyclepath for $10 and some equally classic blue cotton bar tape for the Rare Groove Ride. They also threw in a used saddle fer FREE. So now that ride is pretty much complete and up for sale.

And for some news of the BIZZARRE (from

Simoni's voice wakens coma girl

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the voice of Gilberto Simoni made a young girl come out of a coma in which she had been for four months after an accident. The 'miracle' dates back to 2003 but the story only found its way to the press this week. The girl, Chiara, was hit by a car while she was out cycling with her brother. The boy died and Chiara did not regain consciousness until her parents decided to play an interview with Gilberto Simoni which they had taped after his Giro d'Italia victory in 2003. Reportedly, "Bebo" was the first word the girl spoke - the nickname that she gave her great idol.


This is a rare picture of Isabel. She is very shy and melancholy, if you try to catch her she will disappear in a puff of black smoke:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being so dark and fast, you should call her Invisabelle.

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