Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rare Groove Ride

I am weak. I bought another Assbike project on Craigslist even though I have about three other Assbike projects on the go. $50, I said to myself I'd easily recover the cost if I resold it -- but that might never happen. This is what it looked like when I picked it up.

It's an Atala, the frame sticker indicates it is made in Padova by the company founded by Cesare Rizzato. The "Campione del Mondo '84" sticker reveals it's a mid/late-80s model. One downside is that is equipped with NISI tubular rims.

I totally dig the Alfa Romeo style logo, there's even one stuck on the back of the seat tube.

I can tell from the details it is an entry-level racer; but it has some kinda tangible 80s Euro-mod vibe. Groovy yet budget concious.

It's basically the bike equivalent of this:

It has a sweet flat crown fork (mucho-retro), and much like a FIAT, workmanship is mediocre plus it has a funcky crank the likes of which I've never seen:

This bike calls for a definite theme, so these are the objects for inspiration :


and with a touch of:

Also, I got "tagged" for this "Fear of Fours" things. I avoid divulging the music and shit I'm into, because a lot of it falls into the "guilty pleasure" category, but here's a chance to pimp some of that stuff:

Four Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:
1. Lifeguard
2. Teaching Assistant
3. Grapple Grommet Tester
4. Car Rental Dude

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Life Aquatic
2. The Apostle
3. Dogtown and Z-Boys
4. When We Were Kings

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
1. Veronica Mars
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Real Time w. Bill Maher
4. Arrested Development

Four Albums You Can't Hear Too Often:
1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange
2. Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
3. R.L. Burnside - Asspocket of Whiskey
4. Supersuckers - La Mano Cornuda

Four Places You Have Lived
1. North of Bloor
2. South of Bloor
3. On Bloor
4. In tha 'ga

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation
1. New Orleans
2. Edmonton
3. Calcutta
4. Los Angeles

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1. cyclingnews
2. Salon
3. Daily Dose of Imagery
4. Boing Boing

Four of Your Favourite Foods
1. Ice Cream
2. Caprese Salad
3. Raisin bread
4. The humble potato

For your daily dose of bling ... check it out ... Golden Boy Tom Boonen IS the David Beckham of cycling, here's his helmet, embedded with one 1.18 carat diamond.

Finally here's an Assbike Song for Saturday: Shake 'Em On Down (Live) by R.L.Burnside.



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