Monday, February 27, 2006

Physical Fatness and Feist

Holy crap, I've totally sat on my ass this whole month and came way short on my inital milage goals. I've done maybe 33 hrs, when I was hoping for 80-100. Fucking up the fixie and the hella cold outside didn't help. Instead I'm packin' on the pounds like a retired nose tackle.

One thing I've noticed about being a fattie is that a feel full easier. I eat a little bit and feel stuffed. I think the "ring of fat" theory is right -- being a fattie makes you feel full easier; which is probably why all the best Gurgitators like Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas (aka the Black Widow, pictured right) are dang skinny.

Also, I know I've been slacking on Assbike songs for the last while. This is partly because I haven't warmed up to the (waay too whiney) Best Music of 2005, but I do like this tune from Feist Inside and Out, which sounds like it is from 1982. So check it out.



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