Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shout Oots to MEC and Excess All Areas

A few days ago I had an ass episode where the key broke off in my U-lock. Everyone knows you can (supposedly) booyah the barrel locks on the old styie U-locks, but with the flat key, if the lock is sticky or jamming when it's cold you can shear the key off in the lock.

I took the remains of the lock back to Mtn Co-op. Even though the store has a slightly icky hippiness, they're actually pretty good with everyting they do. The dude gave me a credit to use as I choose. I ended up chosing the same lock because I didna see a better option, but I'll try to be nicer to this one.

I found this via WFMU's great Blog.

Excess All Areas. It's a BBC site intended to edumify kids about club drugs.

You control a dopey Brit club kid and you can get him all dosed up and watch as he gets sweatier and his dancing gets progressively druggier. I especially like how the neon-looking drug signs flicker on when you choose a drug. Jeah! The music is pretty good too.


Blogger Barry said...

mixing your drinks will make you feel even worse

1:45 AM  
Blogger Amit said...

oh shit....mixage

2:52 AM  

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