Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So Ass day

So I have to give a talk in my dept this Friday. I know this day's been coming for months, so I hoped I'd have some results by the time the day rolled around, but I'm a dumbass -- and the day just got here too fast. I have a pretty good idea of where my problems lie, but...but so far I've been unable to solve them. So I'm going to make an ass of myself .... but I'm prepared to deal with that, as long as the big picture works out.

I should've been done this degree ages ago, but because I'm in the constant pressure cooker situation for the last four years I can't ever compose myself enough and work through these problems.

But, anyways, check out these tattoos on Eila Rigetto :

Also here's an Assbike deal of the week:

Ad here $300.

I did make a sale this week though. I sold the Rare Groove Ride for $320. I rode it only twice and really liked it, so after I listed it I managed to convice every potential buyer out of buying it, because I didn't think they were worthy -- like Enid in Ghost World, when she's trying to sell her stuff, but doesn't want to part with it. But eventually I sold it to a hipster who wanted a fixed gear bike (they're all the rage now you know), and he seemed cool enough, and he really wanted it too.

I kinda puked in my mouth when I heard my fave girl Zooey Deschanel was in a new movie with Matthew McConaughey, that smarmy juice bag. Ewwww, the thought of him putting his slimy steroid hands all over crazycool Zooey, but luckily it's Sarah Jessica Parker who's the smarmy one's love interest and Zooey is the quirkycool roomate. Talking about which -- this is how I felt when I saw Franz Ferdinand (jokey fun dance band) was touring with Death Cab for Cutie (humourless emo douchebags). Go AWAY humourless emo douchebags!


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