Friday, September 14, 2007

Three Luckys at the Fruit Festival

Earlier year I wrote about VBS.TV and in particular about a series they did called "Heavy Metal in Baghdad".

I was surprised to see that they had made this into a movie which was to premiere at the Toronto Int'l Fruit Festival.

So there I was in line at the festival, even though I had ripped it as a den for bourgeois slack-jawed wannabe intellectuals, and :

Lucky 1: They let in 10 rush seats, we made it in as #9 and #10.
Lucky 2: As I walked in the theatre the dude was removing the "reserved" signs from the primo seats, so I swooped into some primo seating.
Lucky 3: Afterwards they had a party at the Drake .... which included the magic words ..."OPEN BAR". Until 2 am, but once I had to pay for a drink I was outta there in 5 minutes.

So long assholes !