Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Assbike Deal: Jesse James Chopper

Another assbike deal:

Jesse James Chopper, only $50!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Assbike Deal of the Week

Weekly feature ? I dunno. But here's the Assbike deal of the week: Only $25.

Winter Assbike Project

I have an old Wheeler mtn. bike frame (Tange Prestige OS). When the seatpost got stuck inside I tried to cut it away with a hacksaw blade, and tried to pry the remnants of the post out of the frame. But no luck, and in fact I pierced the seattube a bit in the process.

But this would make a great winter Assbike. Soft wide tires will be a lot more sure footed in the snow and ice than the 23/28mm tires on the Pinn.

Today I finally took it to Biseagal (I should've snapped a before pic) to have the remnants of the seatpost pulled out of the frame and have the seattube reamed.

The shop looks promising. They are in an industrial building near Gerrard and Carlaw. They do framework and they have a milling machine and drill presses on the shop floor! It's one of the few places in Toronto where they can do this kind of stuff. Very few shops do this kind of thing, either it's not cost effective or they don't have the equipment or expertise.

I'm picturing this as a lightweight 'cross/hybrid build, rigid fork, V-brakes. Stay tuned as a build up this Assbike before the deep freeze hits.

If this repair goes well I'll also have Biseagal replace the cracked dropout on the Pinn. I almost sold this bike, but I forgot that the frame was cracked!


Friday, November 25, 2005

Assbike Seminar: U of T

Winter Cycling Seminar - Bicycle Friendly Campuses Project
*5pm-6pm, Thursday December 1st
in Galbraith Building Room 117. Many graduate students depend on their bikes as a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly way to get around town. As winter rolls in with freezing temperatures, icy roads and bicycle-corroding salt, cycling becomes more of a challenge. This seminar will cover basic maintenance, appropriate clothing and gear, and riding techniques for extreme weather. The Bicycle Friendly Campuses Project is a joint initiative between the City of Toronto and U of T to promote cycling on campus and reduce our environmental impact by displacing automobile trips. For more information email

My Assbike

The summer assbike project. Steel Pinnarello frame, Campy Super Record crank and 18T BMX freewheel. Other nice parts like Cinelli stem and Cateye cotton bar tape.

Like all my assbikes, it is for sale $390.



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