Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bella update

Isabel is back from the hospital after her second day of treatment. I didn't think she'd make it to Wednesday. She is looking brighter and is eating and drinking a lot of water, but she is still very weak.

Saturday Update: The mood is a lot better around the house today. Bella is back from her fifth day at the vet, but she is eating, drinking and using the litter box. She is munching down some sort of terrine that kitties with weak kidneys are given. She is still weak but she can hold her head up again and is sleeping a lot. She is going home with her mommy for the holidays and hopefully will be back to being herself soon.

Update: Bella died last Thursday, a week and two days after her crisis. What was left of her kidney function wasn't able to support her body anymore. She will be missed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sad Day: Bel is sick

Yesterday I had to take Isabel to the vet, she had been losing a lot of weight and was very weak. The doc gave fluids and took some blood, but overnight she got worse ... much worse.

We had to rush her back today, by now she was too weak to move and peeing all over herself. She didn't look like she'd make it through the day. The diagnosis isn't good - kidney failure.

She spent the day at the vets on IV fluids, she's home now, responsive, but still very weak. It doesn't look good.

Looking back there are some signs that should've registered. By the time we got her some attention she was in a crisis situation.

If you have a cat watch for these signs :

-thirsty all the time
-drinking a lot of water
-low energy
-losing weight

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Assbike Fashion

Time for some assbike fashion for the holiday season.

First off there was the Terrorist Scarf

Everyone's like "'s a keffiyeh and it symbolizes ...yaddayadda", yeah yeah whaddever, it makes you look like a hepcat revolutionary.

And then there was the Castro hat and the ensuing kerfluffle : CBC shilling Fidel Castro cap online. So they re-named it a Ranger hat on their website

wear it like a stigma.

So what will be the next politically inspired fashion item ? Will it be the Moshe Dayan eyepatch ?

Or maybe the look that was all the rage from the streets of Tehran to the campus of Columbia a crisp and spartan Ahmedinejad Jacket.

I've had mine since the 80s -- a look so earnest and oblivious not even the most calculating 2007 hipster can touch it.

Is Mosa Zi Zemmori a hot new electrodance outfit ? the favorite for the Turner prize ? No he is was of the many resident s of Guantanamo Bay who owned a Casio F-91W.

That's right -- owning one can be given as a reason for being housed in a Cuban prison camp.

That's right there's a terrorist watch and is everything you would hope for and more. Clunky, plain -- vaguely Soviet, easily incorporated into IEDs.

And there you have it, assbike fashion tips for yr asses.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More "Since You Asked"

If there was any doubt that everyone in the western world is living an extended adolesence here's another from the lame-o advice column on :

There's a question lingering in the back of my mind that you and your readers may be able to bring some light on.

I am a 26-year-old single girl. I have only been in one relationship in life. I feel confident and attractive "to my kind of people" and I haven't really found anybody who interests me romantically -- I only have a couple of close friends "who may" or "may not" get me.

I find myself dismissive of everyone who doesn't meet a certain criterion of originality or truth. I am starting to feel weird about this solitude that I embody; it makes people around me uncomfortable, starting with my family and co-workers.

There is a part of me that wants to conform and date "normals" and dress up to greet each day with lipstick on -- but I personally feel like it's OK for a person to be who they want to be ... messy hair and white socks with dress pants ... but it seems everywhere/everyone is all about socializing and "getting out there." Am I really missing something? Why does everyone push relationships? Why does everyone feel the need to push others? I just want to be myself -- whoever that is at any given time of the day.

I thank you for your time, sir. And RADIOHEAD ROCKS!

existential artist

Dear existential artist. You have the brain of a 15 year old girl.