Monday, April 30, 2007

Countdown Stoplights

These countdown stoplights are springing up everywhere in TO, but no one seems to have acknowledged it. I'm not sure how they help the urban assbiker, but it does give you a way to time the yellow.

If anything tho' I think these will fuck more people up, because they will think they can run further into the yelloo than they already do.

But as a bonus you can eyeball across to the countdown on the cross streets and use it to better run through intersections.

Oh here's some pictures from Parkdale, where I happend to be today :

Apparently something called Genghis Tron is playing at Sneaky Dee's on May 5th. It sounds like the name. I would go see them, but I visited the myspace page and it's a bit too juvenile/NIN/trenchcoat-mafia to float my boat. Cool name though.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saurday Night

Saturday Night ! Time for some Soco and Diet Coke !

... and cheese asses :

and check out Greta's unorthodox relaxin' style :